The Farmer who stays close to the road.


In everything we do, we should think first or consult other people before we take action.

This is what happened here, there is a farmer who built his homestead near the road.

He didn’t used to stay at the farm always but in Harare.

This happened for some year almost to eight years now. He is now a retired man that is when he relocated to the farm with all his family.

They stayed for some months, that’s when they think of closing the road which passes through along their house.

The reason was that he doesn’t want dust and noise of people and Scotch cuts, moreover people might steal his property.

Through investigations the road has been there before land reforms and is on the map. People are now struggling to pass through.

They are complaining and quarrelling to the village head and councilor for them to solve the solution.

The man was then asked where he got permission to do so, he said he went to Lands.

At this moment the issue is being held but has been reported to the DAs offices.

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